I think there's a particular anxiety women experience when confronted with aging.  I've started feeling it too.
My great-grandma made this bathrobe in the 60s/70s. It's been slowly disintegrating with use... so this photo was a way to memorialize it before it was stored in a box somewhere and forgotten.  It was fall at the time and I was inspired by how trees were shedding their leaves all over the pond near my house.  Unlike the trees, my body and the objects I love won't regenerate each year all fresh and green. 
I think women definitely feel a sense of their own mortality a lot younger than most men do.  And we are made to feel like this is a bad thing, like we're not as valuable once we hit a certain age, like we are supposed to buy creams and procedures and fitness plans to 'regenerate' into newer, fresher, younger-looking versions of ourselves. Let's choose to not forget the old ladies, and their frayed clothes!
the pond is deceptively deep
my great-grandma's hand stitching coming undone