Outside Inside (sold out)

photobook: best of the self-portraits
Cinderella’s fairy godmother transforms a pumpkin and a few mice into a beautiful horse drawn carriage.  Perhaps if I had a fairy godmother she could turn the garbage bag and raccoons on my porch into a limousine and driver. 
Real world limitations restrict dreams like this to books and movies, but in Outside Inside these hurdles are disregarded.  The sets and special effects were created with whatever materials I could scrounge from my apartment and out of street gutters and alleyways.  The end result is a series of short fairytales that are influenced and informed by the experiences of being a young adult in the present day.
At its core, Outside Inside is a celebration of the diverse, complex relationships we have with the immediate world around us: with our own internal emotions, with the objects we keep or decide to throw away, and with the animals who co-habit our cities and towns. It is a broad portrait of growing up and of the magic in daily life.
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